Justice Through Law Enforcement
Our system of justice is not perfect.  No system made by man is.  We can improve it, but improvement doesn’t happen by canceling people you disagree with or focusing on the things that make us different.  We get a better system of justice by working together to pass laws that make sense and then enforcing those laws.  Law enforcement is key.  It is only by enforcing our laws that we find out what works and what needs more improvement.

Law Through Legislation, Not Courts
When a new law needs to be created, the proper place to do it is in the Legislature—not the courts.  After the proper branch of government creates a law, courts are supposed to interpret that law as written.  A court is no place to craft policy or “fix” something that isn’t broken.    

Experience Matters
As a career appellate prosecutor of over sixteen years, I have worked hard to ensure that laws passed by our representatives are properly interpreted and enforced—even the laws I disagree with.  It is what my oath required me to do, and what my belief in our system of justice compels me to do.  It is what I will do on the Third Court of Appeals.